21 level Matrix

A matrix is an excellent leads and earning site provided it is managed properly.
Members earn commissions up to 21 levels depending on membership access
Free members are upgraded to Silver upon first login by redeeming a
special epin code.


This is the Ultimate Pay it Forward Opportunity

Free members are immediately invited to
upgrade to Silver and will be able to keep that level
Silver Members will earn on 3 levels and will receive 2 Ad Credits.and 5 epins
Gold Members will earn on 7 levels and will receive 4 Ad Credits and 10 epins
Platinum Members will earn on 12 levels and will receive 20 Ad Credits and 50 epins
Diamond members will earn on 21 levels and will receive 60 credits and 150 epins
One Ad credit is equal to 1000 hits or views
See Direct Commissions Chart below also



  1. 3 by 21 forced matrix
  2. Commissions payed to members as per level membership
  3. Commissions payed to members for each direct referral
  4. Free Members are upgraded  to Silver status upon first login
  5. Advertising packages available for banners and text ads

Matrix Depth Levels

Yes 21 level Matrix

  1. 3 by 21 forced matrix
  2. Commissions payed to members on levels
  3. Commissions payed to members for direct referrals

Access Levels

Free members  are immediately payed forward to Silver,
Silver is PIF or  $5
Gold Membership $10
Platinum Membership $50
Diamond Membership $150


Admin Team

Don Harrison and Joe Freyaldenhoven have a history of providing a lot of value and launching exciting and lucrative sites for the members.

You can earn a lot more online than you think

Why marketers join us

Because we deliver!

  • We provide a means to substantial income
  • We have  a track record of successes
  • Our 3 by 21 matrix is simple and easy to get started
  • You will earn more than you expect
  • We provide you with a free autoresponder all setup with messages lead pages and all the tools you will need to promote Pif4All. at Collective Team Marketing
  • which includes unlimited leads storage, broadcast every day and more

“If Joe Freyaldenhoven  and Don Harrison are involved in it I am on it like white on rice!”

Gary Page / Manager

I’ve been online almost daily since 1996 and I have never seen a program where the owner is so helpful and generous. Good things are happening here.
Gary Seargeant

How it works

Let me explain how PIF4All works. Members join free and are immediately upgraded to Silver at first login and this is the Pay It Forward
Then members have the opportunity to take further upgrade to  Gold or Platinum or Diamond and their earnings potential rises with each level. See charts below

Matrix Level Commission in Percent Members
1 3 1
2 3 3
3 3 9
4 3 27
5 3 81
6 1 243
7 1 729
8 1 2187
9 1 6561

Bonus   Epin Codes you will receive for PIF
Silver 5   Gold 10  Platinum 50    Diamond 150

Matrix Levels Pay

Silver Members 3 levels
Gold Members 7 levels
Platinum 12 Levels
Diamond 21 Levels
Commissions will be 1 per cent per level through level 21

Matrix Level Commission in Percent Members
10 1 19683
11 1 59049
12 1 177147
13 1 531441
14 1 1594323
You get the picture each successive step is 3 times the one before

New Increased Commissions will be 3 per cent per levels through level 5
1 per cent per levels 6 to 21
NEW Feature! Bonus Override Commission Percent %
Level 1,2,3    5 percent
Level 4 and 5   3 per cent

Bonus  Ad Credits in Dollars
One  dollar = 1000 views
Silver  $2.00   Gold $4.00  Platinum $20.00   Diamond $60.00


Commissions for Direct Referrals

Gold sells Diamond gets 10.50 dollars     Diamond sells Diamond gets 60.00 dollars

Membership Silver Gold Platinum Diamond
Silver sells PIF=0 0.30 1.50 4.50
Gold Sells PIF=0 0.70 3.50 10.50
Platinum Sells PIF=0 1.50 7.60 22.50
Diamond Sells PIF=0 4.00 20.00 60.00