Welcome Info

Welcome to the ulitmate Pay It Forward System PIF4All

What are benefits of membership?

Commissions will be 10 per cent per level up to 9 levels
Gold Members earn 2 levels at 10% plus Direct Commissions
Platinum earn 4 levels at 10% plus Direct Commissions
Diamond earn 9 levels at 10% plus Direct Commissions

Plus These Commissions for Direct Referrals

Gold sells Diamond gets 3.0 dollars     Diamond sells Diamond gets 45.00 dollars
A Diamond member with 7 levels filled will earn $150 for every Diamond Referral!

Membership Gold Platinum Diamond
 Gold Sells    0.25  1.00  3.00
Platinum Sells   1.00 5.00 15.00
Diamond Sells   3.00 15.00 45.00

Advertising packages for memberships
Gold 4000 banner or text ad hits
Platinum 20000 banner or text ad hits
Diamond 60000 banner or text ad hits

How and when do I get paid?

You will be paid anytime monday through saturday that you commissions are $15 or higher.

You will be paid via Payza or Bitcoin or Solid Trust Pay

1. To request a withdrawal

  1. Click on Finance then click on Request Withdrawal
  2. Choose the withdrawal method Bitcoin or Solid Trust Pay or Payza
  3. Click on the Request Security Token  link and we will send to your email a special code
  4. Copy that code and paste it in the Security Token field and submit
  5. Then go back to Request Withdrawal and put in the amount you want to withdraw
  6. Remember you need a $15 dollar or more balance to withdraw

How do I reach Support?


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I do not have to tell you that the opportunity is in upgrading as you can readily see from the charts above.

1.  Choose any of the Pay Processors and select one of the package amounts to deposit:

Gold Membership $10
Platinum Membership $50
Diamond Membership $150

Once you have added funds to your Deposit Wallet The admins will then verify the transaction  and add it to your Wallet. We are checking every transaction to avoid fraud and I know you understand that.  Once you see the funds in your Wallet at your account after admin has verified it, then Select Finance and Upgrade membership and select the membership you paid for and click pay the Wallet will be showing the funds to pay for the upgrade.  Admins will verify and you account will be set asap.

Owner and Admin

Raymond Joseph  Freyaldenhoven
65 Holy Family Mission Road
Morrilton, AR 72110